Real World Opportunities

The Animal Biology major provides students with a core biological science background which gives students the opportunity to pursue a wide variety of career paths. Many of our students continue their studies in professional schools (veterinary medicine, medical, dental, etc.) or graduate programs (animal behavior, ecology, etc.). However, we also have students who choose to go directly into the work force, a path that holds numerous opportunities. Graduates may conduct research in a lab, work for state or government agencies (such as the Department of Fish and Game or Fish and Wildlife Services), or pursue a career in environmental sciences or animal-related field such as zoo keeping.

Admission Requirements

As a research university, UC Davis offers abundant resources and opportunities for all students throughout their college career.

If you are interested in attending UC Davis, you should prepare for admission by first ensuring that you meet UC admission requirements. *Meeting these requirements does not guarantee admission to UC Davis—applicants who are admitted generally well exceed UC admission requirements.

Undergraduate Admissions Information

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