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No matter how solid your plans are, there’s always room for exploration

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  • FRESHMEN: Career Discovery Groups
    Even if you have your heart set on vet school, this course teaches a lot of general career skills, or even specializations within careers—there’s more to a veterinary career than getting a DVM! It also doesn’t hurt to know what other jobs are out there. Even if you don’t change career paths, you will need to work with people from all walks to achieve personal success.
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Public sector:

Schools of veterinary medicine, other health professions

Graduate studies

  • The Animal Biology major coursework and research practicum requirement helps prepare students for graduate study and research in most fields under the umbrella of biology. Specific course requirements vary by graduate program.
  • http://success.ucdavis.edu/grad-prof/pregrad/index.html
  • Certified Applied Animal Behaviorists

Teaching in the sciences